A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made as a 48 hour game jam, Equinox is a minimal platformer about exploration and gathering colors and sounds in a mysterious, brief, hand drawn world.

Sometimes we rush through the worlds we explore. Relax, put your headphones on and look around for a while.


Dune Casu (Absolute Drift) - Programming and good vibes.


Amos Roddy (Kingdom, STRAFE) - Artwork, Music, and bananas.

@ToyxTree - www.toytreemusic.com

Special thanks to bananas which were good quick snacks over the 2 day development.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
TagsAbstract, Minimalist, Puzzle-Platformer


Equinox.zip 23 MB
Equinox.app.zip 25 MB

Install instructions


  • Movement: Arrow Keys
  • Jump: Up Arrow

Should work with most controllers across all platforms.


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Thank you.

Can you make this 64 bit for Mac OS please?


Nice and relaxing. The aesthetics are good. The game is maybe a little too simple but enjoyable to play.

its  reminds me of dolly

That was one of the inspirations for sure!

Nice vibes. Kinda rough jumping mechanics. I'm a fan of exploring around and I appreciate it but the game was too simple. I think that it was possible to make it more tricky even though it was made in a short time. Anyhow it is a nice, enjoyable game to play.


Can you put the music up for download? I liked the music.


I liked the simplicity and the music really gave the game a very chilled vibe. So kudos for that. The camera was a little irritating and walking was meh. But i can honestly say that i had fun playing and hopefully you can add more onto something thats already good!


I loved the music *--*

Graphics are cool. The walking is okay. The camera is the something that really needs to be worked in a future version.

It pains that is so small, but I obviously understand that is a result of a game jam.

Good job!


Very gorgeous game. There wasn't much gameplay or story for that matter, however, I can definitely see the value of the effort put into the beauty of this surreal creation. Pair this with a story and you could have an award winning game!


Awesome visuals and sounds! ... gameplay and presentation, seems to be pretty much unpolished. The jump mechanic doesn't feel good, as well as the constant movement velocity. But hey, it's a beautiful game :)


Hey! very nice. in first scene there was mirrored character in water that was not moving at all. is that for purpose? i would like to see ripples water while stepping, parallax background (maybe a little), eye blinking while idle :). also you can hide mouse pointer. but it was made in 48 hours and probobly you will not come back to this project anymore :) so good luck with next one!


Beautiful game. Though the time spent with it was little in amount, I enjoyed every minute. The reflection on the first level was a very nice touch. I'll be covering this game on my site in a few days.


Despite the very shallow gameplay, the game has a lovely presentation and great scenes. I love the scenarios.

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Not really much to comment on the gameplay, noticing that was basically non-existing. But, despite of all that, amazing sound track and a beautiful artwork

Really nice looking scenery. That's all I can really say. No real gameplay or level design, clunky movement, and a very dissatisfying jump.

Nice visuals and pretty dreamy soundtrack. I enjoyed this one a lot. I hope it can be expanded upon later on. Good job!


Thank you for a beautiful little poem! Just right. So pretty.

(PS ran mac version on a mac pro, worked just fine.)


Absolutely amazed by the atmosphere and and artwork. The controls did feel sticky at certain times, but I found myself being quite sad when it ended.

I would love a sequel.

Hi. The game crash in my laptop. ¿Any way I can sent you the crash report?

Yikes. Yep, please send it to support@absolutedrift.com