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will there be a 32x bits windows version?

I just played the demo, but I have to say that the gameplay, even on kb is fantastic. The game oozes style, it's very fun and fast.

Good game!

I’d like to have an option to change the camera to following behind the car.

it doesn't work on mac

you need to download the app


oh i will try

I just saw your game on Epic Launcher and I was like "I think I already played that", that is the case lmao, nice game by the way


Thanks for still distributing a Demo even if the game is out, I'm definitely getting this game because of this!



I featured this game in my video - 22:22 - 

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This is awesome, and i see its been released on steam.


I can’t lunch it on Mac 


This comment makes me hungry.



have you found any fix?


This game is great. But whoever made the germany track farcheweiler should be locked in hole and left to die.

Worst track, so tedious takes all the fun out of it. Who the hell puts immovable stones on both side of the entire track for miles and miles? 

I literally signed up for this website so I could leave this comment. 

A challenge is one thing. I appreciate a challenge the whole game is fairly challenging. But I'm tired of being stuck on this God forsaken track. 

Make a game mode where we can repeatedly run over the guy who designed this track 

Thank you


These are things that actually exist in WRC Rallye Deutschland, which mostly takes place on German tank training roads.  They're called  "Hinkelstein" and they were put at the sides of the roads to keep tanks from straying off of the road during training.

Great product.


why is it asking for my blood type? and how do i get off that screen? thanks :}


Probably really late, but its ingame, it doesnt matter in the slightest.


How do I take a photo in PHOTO MODE? What is the actual “take photo” button? 


adamım çok iyi ama kamera daha yakın olabilir

this is so cool

awesome.. is it available on xbox later ? like absolute drift?


Bro nice game


Which Game Engine do you Use

I think it's Unity, because their last game «Absolute Drift» was on it.


Is the full version coming to Itch?

It just arrived on, I suppose it would be possible to get on too.

I hope it will.


i literally cannot afford it so i enjoy the demo 24/

Awesome, wish listed on steam

Wow! It's fantastic game! Great rally controling and design. Thanks!


Absolutely love the aesthetic of this game! 

Tried the demo and find it very difficult in top down view, wish there's more options in perspective. 

I also couldn't find my region (Macau), would be perfect if that's included. 

Regardless, it's 10/10, absolutely can't wait for this game!


Am I a horrible person for wanting a game mode where the goal is to hit as many crowdmembers as possible? or at least an achievement for it? ;)

Cool to see the new demo, you've made some good progress since the last time I checked it out. Can't wait for this game.


No. We have many angry sfx for hitting the crowd from the previous crowd system, that we're hoping to integrate into this one. An achievement would be very funny.

Thanks for checking out the new demo too, that's good to hear :)

Pretty good game. A bit unoptimized and the menu text is pretty small, but the graphics are nice.


Superb game. But i thing that it can be more optimized. Btw good work =) It must be appreciated.

Really stylish and fun game that I completely suck at. I can't really comment on the controls since I don't understand cars, so it is not for me to judge, but I had a hard time controlling the car. The environment is really well made and the replay mode is a thing of beauty. My only complaint is that the game resets my position very quickly even if I ever so slightly go off the track.

Beautiful game, good job.


Samir....You're breaking the car!!!




A fancy crashing simul... I mean rally game! The scenery is beautiful and the artwork unique. I love the orange trees and the purple flowers.

I believe that the numpad Enter should be usable in the menu, too.

I guess the speedometer is not implemented in the demo. :( 



  • music
  • sfx
  • performance
  • gfx


  • sense of speed vs. handilng: Feels like you have to drive real slow to get around corners. Can't feel that "push it to the limit"
  • physics: a small pat to the back of the car spins it around 360. Makes drifting while mowind down poles unrewarding.
  • jumps are not visible enough: The angle of the camera plus the rendering/lighting/textures make it hard to see jumps. Entering a jump unexpected makes it impossible to correct heading.
  • Progression: No indication on how well are you doing. Other rally games have checkpoints and show the player how far behind/ahead they are compared to competition.

100% agree with your cons.  My biggest complaint is that I just can't "feel" the car.  With games like F1, I don't even look at the gages, I can feel when the car is about the break loose on a turn.  With AOR, it's just not there.  Improving the sound may help some but with the top down approach I think it's gonna be hard.  IMO, you need to go back to games like RC on the NES and just nail the gameplay and don't focus so much on realism.

Everything was great but I guess controlling the car was really hard for me (Maybe that's ok for a rally game tho, idk)


can you make a eight-six trueno? its from initial D and would be a fun car

It was in his first game Absolute Drift, so you never know. It might just be in the game on launch. 


Played this on an iMac with a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - all works like a charm! Great work :)


I just wish it has chase cam, low-poly scenery is going to look gorgeous up close and personal.

look awesome hyvä suomi !!


Why devs continue to make moon physics games with Unity is beyond me. Everything feels like you're underwater, like all Unity games. The idea is great and the atmosphere is amazing, but unfortunately the choice of tech was the wrong one. Sad.


Lotta ignorance in that comment.


why does it ask for my blood type


I also wanna know...


Rally cars traditionally had the blood type of the driver and copilot printed on the sides next to their names, in case it was helpful should they need emergency medical attention after an accident. That's why the game is asking for it. If you do a Google image search for "rally blood type" you'll see plenty of examples.

Oh my god what a detail

I just went with "Sake".

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This game is amazing. You can really feel the movements and power of the available cars. The many times I wanted personal improvement was unreal. Then you throw in weather and it's a whole new race! If you love racing then this game is for you! With this being a demo, I can not wait for the full release. It is already on my Steam wishlist.

Enjoy my experience with this amazing game.

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