A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

a stylized rally game from the creator of Absolute Drift

The top-down view lets you completely focus on the stages by seeing upcoming road features without needing pace-notes.

This demo includes:

  • Two iconic rally cars, one from Group 2, one from Group B
  • One mixed gravel-tarmac stage from Finland, with jumps, crests and corners. It’s a challenging course to master
  • Race in different conditions: morning, afternoon, sunset, fog, rain, night
  • Relive and capture your best moments with Photo Mode, Replay Mode, and Photo-Mode In Replays

This is just a small taster of whats to come later in the year – the final game will feature 50+ cars, 60 stages across 5 different countries, a full career mode, daily and weekly challenges with leaderboards, and a soundtrack by Tatreal.

Wishlist on Steam: https://bit.ly/39m4ZTh

Twitter: https://twitter.com/funselektor

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/emAaCAZ


artofrally-demo-windows.zip 154 MB
artofrally-demo-mac.zip 165 MB
artofrally-demo-linux.zip 184 MB

Development log


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Pretty good game. A bit unoptimized and the menu text is pretty small, but the graphics are nice.


Superb game. But i thing that it can be more optimized. Btw good work =) It must be appreciated.

Really stylish and fun game that I completely suck at. I can't really comment on the controls since I don't understand cars, so it is not for me to judge, but I had a hard time controlling the car. The environment is really well made and the replay mode is a thing of beauty. My only complaint is that the game resets my position very quickly even if I ever so slightly go off the track.

Beautiful game, good job.


Samir....You're breaking the car!!!




A fancy crashing simul... I mean rally game! The scenery is beautiful and the artwork unique. I love the orange trees and the purple flowers.

I believe that the numpad Enter should be usable in the menu, too.

I guess the speedometer is not implemented in the demo. :( 



  • music
  • sfx
  • performance
  • gfx


  • sense of speed vs. handilng: Feels like you have to drive real slow to get around corners. Can't feel that "push it to the limit"
  • physics: a small pat to the back of the car spins it around 360. Makes drifting while mowind down poles unrewarding.
  • jumps are not visible enough: The angle of the camera plus the rendering/lighting/textures make it hard to see jumps. Entering a jump unexpected makes it impossible to correct heading.
  • Progression: No indication on how well are you doing. Other rally games have checkpoints and show the player how far behind/ahead they are compared to competition.

Everything was great but I guess controlling the car was really hard for me (Maybe that's ok for a rally game tho, idk)


can you make a eight-six trueno? its from initial D and would be a fun car

It was in his first game Absolute Drift, so you never know. It might just be in the game on launch. 


Played this on an iMac with a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - all works like a charm! Great work :)


I just wish it has chase cam, low-poly scenery is going to look gorgeous up close and personal.

look awesome hyvä suomi !!


Why devs continue to make moon physics games with Unity is beyond me. Everything feels like you're underwater, like all Unity games. The idea is great and the atmosphere is amazing, but unfortunately the choice of tech was the wrong one. Sad.


Lotta ignorance in that comment.


why does it ask for my blood type

I also wanna know...


Rally cars traditionally had the blood type of the driver and copilot printed on the sides next to their names, in case it was helpful should they need emergency medical attention after an accident. That's why the game is asking for it. If you do a Google image search for "rally blood type" you'll see plenty of examples.

Oh my god what a detail

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This game is amazing. You can really feel the movements and power of the available cars. The many times I wanted personal improvement was unreal. Then you throw in weather and it's a whole new race! If you love racing then this game is for you! With this being a demo, I can not wait for the full release. It is already on my Steam wishlist.

Enjoy my experience with this amazing game.

Hey there, I really liked that game its a really unique take on the Lowpoly Stylized Scene. I made an In-depth video about this game. Covered some pros with some parody. 


Fun little game, could do with an a lower, and in-car camera angle. 

Gave it a go...

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Good game but I have a problem with the camera angles. The depth perception when going up a hill, then turn right, then go straight down the other side of the hill is off. I will go up the hill, turn right after braking just enough, then turn right... I will still fly completely off the hill.

That is my problem with the game. You can feel the speed, but not understanding how to handle sharp turns that involve braking perfectly so that your vehicle does not whip out and fly off the hill or off a sharp turn.

If you can zoom in when going up a hill or doing sharp turns, that would help with getting a feeling that a sharp turn is coming up and you need to slow down and be careful. The top-down view and taking a sharp turn from far away completely throws off my depth perception.

Adding on to this, if you manipulate the camera angles to bring you closer to the car and have camera shakes when on different types of terrain, that can help the player understand what type of ground they are driving on. That added feeling will help the player engage with the environment and not just focus mainly on completing checkpoints.


Got myself a new wallpaper with photo mode!
This is Amazing!

It's a really fun demo, I just need to practice on how it handles! :D

This is incredible!

It's amazing how realistic you made the physics feel in a top-down racer!

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Really great game!!

I wonder release quater what you expect (also console version)

I’m xbox user but I’ll buy and playing on mac before release on xbox

This game is deserv

The art direction is very promising. I didn't manage to control the car as well as I did with Absolute Drift (a cult classic to me!), but I do love the game anyway.

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Seems great

Fun game. I'm excited to see the final product! It's a lot like Absolute Drift, but less minimalist.

I am on a Mac and I followed the directions in the .txt file, but I cannot get the demo to run. I know I must be doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what.

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Have you done the 'apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy' method ? It worked for me without doing the directions in the .txt file

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The car movement is just bad. The graphics are great, it doesn't strain your eyes. 

I don't want to be hostile to you. The game has an unique style and I love it, but there are things many people do not like. It is very good that it is a demo, so people can write their opinions. 


- Lighting should be improved. The night mode is awesome, but it has some light issues when driving. Maybe switching to some RP would help.

- Menu is not very intuitive. It look very clean and cool - I like it, but I think there should be a little bit more on the screen so the player knows what to do. Maybe, at the bottom informations like "(SPACE) Select" or something

- The car movement, as I said above - it is too realistic for this type of game

Well I played a little bit with the gameplay options and it seems to be better, but still I think this is the thing you should work on.

For me it works on Windows 10 without problems.


The visuals are amazing, I mentioned the game in my video on my brand new YouYube channel. In case you would like to check it out: https://youtu.be/rA01v9bCfjk


NOTHING HAPPENS!! it asks me for the state i am and my blood type (ended up deleted)

''Rally cars traditionally had the blood type of the driver and copilot printed on the sides next to their names, in case it was helpful should they need emergency medical attention after an accident. That's why the game is asking for it. If you do a Google image search for "rally blood type" you'll see plenty of examples.'' - Original message by efdld. I couldn't explain it in a better way.



Would people recommend this?


It’s cool!!! but its work in progress and the movement is bad

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It simply doesn't work for me. I just start the level, can see my car, but if I press every button on my keyboard or joystick, nothing happens :/

Delete the games Appdata files (USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Funselektor Labs) it installed and try launching it again. should work after that. 

Interesting, it worked! <3


Digging the art style, love it !
Agreed with the camera angle, needs an option to adjust it if you can !

Great job so far dude :D

hehe, also can we get some iconic car themes too ahem (colin mcrae)

again  awesome game dude

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its so damn awesome just add pace notes

but damn i love hitting those jumps at high speeds

don't know about people saying the angle is bad its rally its not easy dammit

but pace notes would help a little 

btw keep on truckin man you're awesome


Heck, the pace notes don't even need to be visible they could just be audio for all i care it would add to the no hud you're going for and add some more realism i would love to help you find the audio if you are interested  lol 3rd time dude you're game is awesome tho  you are good at this stuff

Дополняю, у меня огромная нулевая зона в центре рулевого колеса 


nice game, but I hate the font ont the menu too small on high resolutions, the music is too loud.


If the music is too loud turn down the sound


I meant the music is strident, but thanks for the obviously advise.

I guess you could say it was... puts on sunglasses... sound advice.

I love the demo, but i would recommend changing the camera angle.


Very nice!


I was already looking forward to this game before playing the demo, and now I seriously can't wait to get my hands on the complete version.

I do think some of the feedback that people have given, sometimes rudely (sigh), does have some grounds.

I think that the camera view will be controversial, as it feels counterintuitive for some players. Having played Absolute Drift, I'm ok with it and it also reminds me of some classic games like World Rally in the arcades. While I can stand behind the idea of playing with the top-down view and no pace notes, I do have the problem of not being able to notice elevation changes and this can get pretty frustrating. I'm not sure whether a different camera angle would solve this issue or not, but this is the only really problematic aspect of the demo for me, as losing control of the car because of a feature of the track that I cannot see feels very unfair.

100% agree with you on the elevation changes being hard to spot, especially that sudden downhill on the corner - collected that tree a bunch of times before I learnt to slow down there.

I agree fully with this post, the camera angle is different from other games but I like  it. However as you can't see the elevation changes of the track then it's weird when you loose control of the car as you go over a "jump" that you cannot see. In Absolute Drift this wasn't a problem as the course was flat.

Another aspect which is tricky is that the course is more narrow than in Absolute Drift and it feels like the current cars are drifting a bit too much for the narrow course.

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